Ola, after launching autos and food delivery service, Ola Cafe is now gearing up to launch shuttle bus services on its platform.

Ola has hired Lazada founder, Sundeep Sahni to drive this initiative (interestingly, China based Didi recently launched Didi-bus).

Ola will not own any buses but use available tourist and chartered buses to aggregate supply,” said a senior company executive. “Passengers will be able to make bookings by entering the desired destination and time preference; the app will then indicate the closest bus with available seating.” [source]

Spreading Too Thin?

In a quest to grab more revenue (in ecommerce parlance, GMV) and users, is Ola spreading too thin? Have they conquered the cab space? Are you satisfied with the service quality (vs. Uber)?

Take the poll and let us know.


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