Ola Launches Food Delivery Service OlaCafe; Was Caught Free Riding Over Load Screen Image

Ola has soft-launched a food delivery service, Olacafe) which enables customers to order food using the Ola app (on the lines of Uber’s food delivery service).olacafe
The service is available in some parts of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai. You can either pay via Ola money or Ola cash (details here).

Ola’s App Loading Screen; Free Riding

So apparently, Ola has lifted their load screen image from a Flickr account.

A Note To Ola Leadership Team

Speed is one thing. And control is another. Choose wisely.
While you are raising your next $500mn, the recent example of Ola hacks and this image copyright issue is a clear warning sign that you aren’t in control.
So before you speed further (with more feature launches), go take a ride,
[The olacafe launch was first reported here]

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