Ola Driver is Harassing This Female Passenger. Who is Accountable?

Ola driver is harassing a female passenger – he has been calling her continuously from different numbers.

Ola has refused to file a case against the driver.

Ola wants her to file a case as the company cannot do so, which could be legally right (as per their T&C), but morally wrong.

What can a customer do in such cases?

Like we said earlier, when it comes to aggregator business – everyone owns the customer dollars, but no one owns the customer’s pain.

Ola definitely won’t do anything to attract the wrath from driver community (given the competition). But now that the issue has hit social media, expect Ola to try fix it.

The bigger question is this : why is customer security such a low priority for companies?



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  1. For a .47 km did he take 22 mins of travel time and 86rs ? Per km ola charges 6 rs in mini in metro. Is this correct screen shot. Pls make sure evidence are valid.

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