So this gang forged Ola permit, kidnaps the doctor and asks Rs. 5 crore from Ola

A gang procured the permit to drive a cab for Ola using forged documents and fake license.
For few months, these guys drove the car for the cab company and one day, they just decided to kidnap a doctor with a heavy ransom in mind.
After abducting Dr Srikanth Goud, the gang demanded a ransom of Rs 5 crore from Ola. But was eventually caught in Haridwar (via).
This raises an important question on how Ola recruits drivers and how the system can be gamed easily. Thankfully, the doctor was rescued but there have been many questions on the security aspects of Ola and Uber, with no definitive solution (what happened to Ola SOS button? never launched? only PR?).
No wonder Ola and Uber are planning to use Aadhaar for verification.

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