Ola Leaking Personal Data of Users, Claims A Chennai Customer

Ola customer from Chennai, Swapnil claims that the company has leaked 100+ customer data.


Here is an edited excerpt from Swapnil’s post on Facebook.

“About three weeks ago, I booked an Ola cab for a long distance drive. After the ride I received a few garbled texts from “VM-OLACAB” that I didn’t think much of and ignored.

These messages were alpha-numeric with hashes and made no sense to me whatsoever.

Ola was sharing with me, personal details of their customers throughout the day and throughout the night. It’s lucky I’m not a psychopath roaming the streets of Bangalore, waiting to get my hands on people’s personal information and knowing when they are home and when they are not, isn’t it!

What followed were days of thorough frustration as my poor phone beeped nonstop to receive text after text after text after text of utter nonsense from Ola. I estimate a total of between 300 and 400 texts from them so far.

I reached out to them through every channel possible. I called their call centre at least 5 times, demanded to speak to the senior managers, and had to explain my problem each time in great detail, answering the same annoying questions.

I began calling the customers themselves to tell them I was receiving their booking and all of their private details. They were all shocked and promised to complain to Ola. I will never know if they really did

What scares me the most, is that THIS should be their number one priority. I questioned their lack of concern for privacy and data protection. I threatened to report them to the authorities and TRAI.” [source]

Surprising that the company didn’t even care to fix it. Ola was earlier hacked and the hackers claimed to have gotten user details.

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