After Mini, Ola Launches Micro. What They Will Launch Next Will Amaze You.

After Mini, Ola has launched Ola Micro, a new service that offers small and compact cars at micro pricing of just Rs.6/Km!

Base fare Per Km fare Ride Time fare Minimum Fare
Rs. 40 Rs. 6/Km Re. 1/min Rs. 50

Now that Ola has taken the Mini and Micro route, here is what we think they will launch next.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Presenting to you, the #MakeInIndia product by the makers of Mini and Micros :

Ola Chaddi

After Ola Mini and Micro, Ola Chaddi
After Ola Mini and Micro, Ola Chaddi

A call for ProductGeeks : List down the features of Ola Chaddi, please?

Use the comment section. The winner will get..what else, but an Ola Chaddi ride for free ! 🙂

PS : All in good humour.


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  1. I tried using the micro couldn’t find a cab. Took a ride from IGI airport to GGN recently and was overcharged at least twice for sharing ride. I only traveled a total of 15km but my bill was 360!

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