Between Ola And TaxiForSure : Two Amazing Marketing Campaigns

They both are competitors and have done some very cool marketing activities that are worth sharing.

They both are competitors and have done some very cool marketing activities that are worth sharing.

‘s Jingle

What’s the support /call center number for TaxiForSure? Anecdotally speaking, a lot of people who have heard of the TaxiForSure jingle recall the number 60601010. The jingle has a very high recall value and what’s amazing is that TaxiForSure spent only Rs. 25,000 on the jingle*.
The jingle helped TaxiForSure create branding in the initial days and drive up numbers as well !

Ola Money’s Diwali Campaign

Ola timed the launch of Ola Money extremely well. And not just the launch, the 50% freebie that they gave is a masterstroke in marketing world (the diwali offer ensured that for every money you deposit in the Ola wallet, Ola deposited the same amount in yours).
The offer has worked very well for them. They have not just locked in their existing customer base, but have also snatched customers from competitors. Anecdotally speaking, a lot of people in my network ended up adding Rs. 5,000 to the Ola wallet and now that they have Rs 10,000 in the wallet, they are obviously inclined to use the Ola service before others.
It’s a big win for the company and interestingly, they keep running new offers on the wallet pretty frequently (as we speak, there is a 50% off on Ola wallet).
For Ola, wallet is now the next marketing vehicle and as long as they keep adding inventory, they have an edge over others.

What’s your view of these marketing campaigns? Know of such interesting campaigns? Do share!
*Video : TaxiForSure Cofounder, Aprameya sharing TaxiForSure story.

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