Ola Vs. Uber : Who Is Winning In India?


Ola Vs. Uber : Who Is Winning In India?

Ola vs Uber India
Ola vs Uber India

Weekly active users (WAU) of Ola Cabs and Uber as a percentage of mobile device users in India data shows that Ola Cabs is beating Uber in terms of active users*.

Earlier, Ola investor Softbank did claim that the company has 80% market share.  Ola recently raised $500mn in Series F round.

*Data courtesy 7ParkData, a mobile app intelligence company.

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  1. samar

    People take what is cheaper. But general experience on Uber is much better. This data is in favor of Ola because of it being in more cities but uber is definitely taking more mindshare

  2. The real test will be after you stop all this **HEAVY** discount etc.

  3. Premalatha

    Ola auto service is very good n economical for all sectors. May be this is an added facility for the winning rate of Ola. Why not uber try this?

  4. Kamanashish

    I think one more important aspect is user experience during cab booking. I use One Plus One – By the time Uber app opens, my booking gets completed in OLA …

  5. Sourabh

    in that case uber is far lower and cheaper than ola, pay drivers like crazy. once they finish that party, they will vanish?

  6. Sourabh

    And this is only ola. If you include taxiforsure, its killing it here. many more reports validate this, yet economictimes writes trash without doing any researh. Report from another research provider said ola is present in 3/4ths of the phones of cab users in india. the gap will only increase with time. uber has so much to learn in india from all the rape, driver suicide and arrogance to customer

  7. Let’s not tag this as “Winning”. There are multiple factor, Discount to user, Offer to drivers & All.

    If you really want to measure, who is winning, Just run same scheme, Stop discount & measure.

  8. naren

    Ola has auto which is cost effective

  9. I personally prefer uber as the cabs are very clean and comfortable. On the other hand I have had bad user experience with ola cabs as many are not clean or very uncomfortable.

    But in price sensitive India, people don’t actually care about comfort when it comes to saving even one rupee so ola might be doing good in this section.

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