Ola Vs Uber: Truecaller Offers Insights Based On Call Patterns

Amidst the intensifying competition among the cab aggregators, Truecaller has analyzed and revealed few trends on how Indian users call-a-cab.

Of the 684 million phone users in India, 205 million smartphone users are the ones changing the cab calling service scenario. However, the method of getting a cab on the street, or calling a local cab vendor still accounts for majority of the revenue in the taxi industry (valued at USD 9 billion/INR 59,720 crores) but booking cabs is also gaining popularity.

According to Truecaller’s data, from January 1st to April 17th the Indian smartphone owners made and received 2.49 billion calls to some sort of cab or car service.



Ola Cabs made 42.5 million calls to its users, while 59.5 million calls were made by users – which accounted for 102 million calls between Ola Cabs and its users.

Uber users received 13.6 million calls from the company, and called the company 25.4 million times – which totaled 39 million calls.

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  1. In my opinion ! Ola will take time be establish among its users especially in this region. The reason why its so, because ; Uber is more advanced and already have their roots among the users. By providing some advanced and innovative quality features might enhance the appreciation of Ola among its users

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