Congratulations Olacabs And Flipkart [You Are Now Part of Others’ Agenda]

Imagine if your business is part of poll manifesto and debate! Imagine your business is being talked about in Lok sabha!

“Your immediate worth is only that of the challenge you’re trying to overcome.”

Think about it. The problems and challenges you face define you.

Not just as a person, but as a business entity too. If you are still struggling with hiring/feature selections, you still aren’t *there yet*. If your worries are too small in the wild scheme of things, you still aren’t there yet.


Imagine if your business is part of poll manifesto and debate!

Imagine your business is being talked about in Lok sabha.

Imagine your business creating a new market for which the rules and regulations weren’t ever laid out!.

Every entrepreneurs starts from zero. Very few make it so impacting that they become ‘agenda’ for others.

Ola becomes part of Goan Politics
Ola becomes part of Goan Politics

Goan politician, Churchill Alemao has taken on a mission to block Olacabs from Goa (part of his poll manifesto).

Flipkart is of course pushing the FDI envelope and the company has received ED (Enforcement Directorate) raid/notice earlier. The latest is that the company will soon receive FEMA violation notice.

ED has the power to impose a fine up to three times the actual investment allegedly made in violation of FDI laws, according to the tax head of one of the big four consultancy firms. “One could become bankrupt,” the top executive said, without talking specifically about Flipkart’s case. However, the tax head of a rival global consultancy firm says sending show-cause notice is just the preliminary stage of an investigation. “This is an early stage as they will conduct a preliminary inquiry and then issue a showcause notice,” [source]

Ofcourse, we aren’t commenting on whether the agenda makers are right or wrong – but the fact that these companies have created an impact (local/national level) is something to celebrate!

After all,  bigger problems and challenges are for adults.

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