Forum Roundup: OlaCabs Horror Story, Heavy LinkedIn User Exploits Bug For Free Premium Account & More


Forum Roundup: OlaCabs Horror Story, Heavy LinkedIn User Exploits Bug For Free Premium Account & More

Last week we had some great discussions over at the NextBigWhat forum. Here’s a quick recap of interesting topics from the forum.


Olacabs horror story .. when will our consumer startups understand value of customer service?

I have been using OlaCabs pretty much since their inception. Their focus on technology and overall ok service (apart from couple of times when they had sent a sleepy driver) meant I was a regular user at least in Bangalore (where I live). Today this all changed.

Read about the whole story in the forum.

Are there any mobile based reward point programs in India?

Surprisingly, given India’s size of smartphone users, there are not that many around. It remains a niche segment waiting to be exploited.

The mobile based rewards program identifies a user by his phone number and bypasses the whole trouble of printing plastic cards and all the paperwork that traditional loyalty programs use. Also, given the range of functions that today’s smartphones offer, a lot more can be done through the same mobile app interface. I am really looking forward to some action in this segment.

Is this legal?

The Catchy, a ecommerce portal, is selling replicas of designer wear adorned by celebs. Isn’t this somehow illegal?

the catchy


Commentary: Dell takes itself private

As a tech company listed in the stock market, you have to make several compromises in your technology development plans to satisfy the insatiable desire of your investors to grow your market capitalization.

Dell’s going private should help it re-emerge as the innovation powerhouse that it once was. This could be the start of a trend for listed tech companies trying to isolate themselves from the market in the interests of building game changing products.

Composition & potential size of B2B e-commerce in India

Is there any specific study on exact composition, size and potential of B2B ecommerce in India? Who is Amazonsupply of India? I am not just talking about export import directories like Tradeindia or Indiamart. Also, beside business models for marketplace like Rakuten, Alibaba or Ebay, is there any specific non-niche B2B e-commerce startup?

LinkedIn offering bounty to a guy who discovered how to get premium accn for free!

Interestingly, the third guy in India is going to get a good bounty this month for his work from big tech giants.

Though he hasn’t revealed any exact amount being offered, but talking to him, I think, he is positive about at least 30 to 40k$

This is what his blog has to say.

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