#MobileLife : For The Old Timers : Down the Nokia 3310 Lane!

Remember those days?

Phones had just started to shrink to fit the palm. And call rates were starting to get to a level where we could all think in terms of affording two, or sometimes even three calls a day – it meant freedom from STD booths (no, dear teenager, it’s not what you think it might be!)

And we all bought the good old Nokia 3310. At least one.

Image credit: Wikipedia
Image credit: Wikipedia

Sure – some of us started earlier – ok, are older – than that. My first device was an Alcatel OneTouch db – a pretty snazzy looking but terrible handset. It lasted about a year before we parted ways.

But the Nokia 3310 – some things are forever!

I dropped it from a bike – at a 60kmph! We got drenched in a monsoon shower together – and it probably recovered quicker than I did. The keypad was tactile and a breeze to use – and lasted well past the characters printed on it faded. And the phone itself? I think it’s still out there somewhere, working easily through much better signal strength that it never had when with me, and probably on its fifth change of aftermarket casing. I had done the first change and passed it on to a teenage relative a long long time ago.

Recently, Microsoft’s taking over Nokia’s device business took the mind back to all those Nokias one has had over the years. The legendary 3310 surely occupies a special place in that list. What a phone that was.

And Google tells me that I am not alone – people continue to sing paeans to this super-device well into this smartphone age.

Here’s a few


Image Credit
Image Credit


or the truly cult status


Image Credit
Image Credit

Yep, that’s how legendary the toughness of this very popular handset was (it was outsold only by the even more indestructible 1100 – you should get a used one if you can!). Deservedly so.

And of course, the battery lasted forever.

Nokia 3310 Battery


The phone was known to be intuitive, and fast. Yes, even compared to the …

By the way, they’re still selling them – used and refurbished – on eBay at under $20 a pop!! One phone that outlasted the company that made it, eh?

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