OLPC in Local Indian Languages, MIT Developing $12 laptop

OLPC, which was rejected by Indian government and later embraced by Reliance ADAG has launched localized keyboard laptops supporting Devanagari script.

OLPC project is currently working in rural village at Khairat near Navi Mumbai where laptops have been deployed and every child carries one laptop home.

Initially these kids felt that education was not really important but now with laptop they feel like we have moved ahead, and they want to compete and work with their urban counterparts [via]

Another development – Researchers at MIT are on a quest to build $12 laptop

A six-member team at the MIT conference is working on writing improved programs and hooking the devices to the Web through cell phones. The group also wants to add memory chips – which the devices currently lack – to allow users to write and store their own programs.
A $12 computer of sorts – a cheap keyboard and Nintendo-like console – already exists in India, where people hook the devices to home TVs to run simple games and program [source]

Indian govt. too is working on a $100 laptop.

What’s your opinion on these initiatives?

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