#Data : At 54 crores revenue, OLX India is ramen profitable

Quikr is bleeding badly (95 crores of revenue, 534 crores loss). We looked at Quikr competitor, Olx India’s revenue and while Olx is at 43% of Quikr’s revenue, the company is ramen profitable.

OLX India : Revenue and Profit Data

Olx Vs. Quikr

Olx Vs. Quikr : Comparable Traffic

Who will you bat for? A ramen profitable professionally run company (Olx is part of Naspers) OR a unicorn startup bleeding badly?

[About #IndianStartupData : This is an annual series that breaks down the #PRshit of companies to actual numbers and importantly, more useful contexts.]

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  1. I think most of their revenue must be from non-operating sources. Even the most optimistic estimate of revenue from running adsense on 10M visits/month would be 1cr/month. Dont think they do much in terms of seller ads.

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