On Hand Crafted Content and TC’s Googlle [Wake up Silicon Valley]

TC does it again – they have a post on how some school in India (Googlle Institute of Software of Software Studies) is using Google name to it’s benefit

Yes, it appears that some jokers in India are attempting to leverage not only Google’s name, but their logo and even favicon to trick people into thinking they their quite-possibly-bogus online university is related to the real Google somehow. Dubbed the “School For Future Software Engineers,” the Googlle Institute has a website that looks like it could some sort of legitimate online training school — if it weren’t for the sketchy naming, branding, and plethora of dead links. [TC]

Quite funny if you ask me. Not the Googlle story, but TC’s coverage.

What surprises me is that in the name of technology, they seem to cover more ‘hoopla’ and ‘bogus stories’ than real tech stories (i.e. when they are seriously bored of talking about twitter and foursquare), but then its’ their choice (after all, it’s all about fast food content).

The pissing point is showcasing such weird/bogus stories from India – India has far more innovative companies to be showcased to the outside world than Googlle story. Such stories are just a reinforcement of what West thinks of India – the land of snake charmers and BPOs.
While in reality, things are different. We have innovative companies solving the needs of Indian market (and not necessarily global) and it’s all about taking off your ‘silicon valley lens’.

In an attempt to fill in their quota of posts (what’s the number now? 20+ per day?), TC seems to cover the easiest/crunchiest story that they can get their hands on.
Even Sarah Lacy’s India trip and the coverage of NIIT and the hindsight-driven-I-am-a-super-hero story of MMT showcases how unaware is Silicon Valley of the world outside US (and innovation that’s happening on the other side of the globe).

Note to Silicon Valley – the times, they are a changing. Demand is being created in emerging markets, so take note of it.

Note to TC – If it’s just about ‘the death of hand crafted content’, one can just hope for a better meal.

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