On the New Look..and More


On the New Look..and More

PluGGd.in got an overhaul last week and the feedback so far has been very mixed – many of you personally told me that the new look is awesome, while the voting shows a different result – 60% say the new look sucks!

Hence, I am mashing up both the feedbacks – i.e. will stick to this theme and work with a

designer to get the “right” color effect!


Meanwhile, there are  a couple of questions with regards to reader submitted posts (for e.g. revenue sharing et al). Since the announcement, I have received 12 posts, out of which only 2 have been approved.


  • Few posts were too badly formatted- It’s as good as rewriting the entire article from the scratch.
  • Few posts were pure marketing stuff – “we are a services co. ..” kind of blah – please avoid such posts.

As far as revenue sharing is concerned, I am hunting for a plugin that can allow me to do that. But to start off, if 5 of your posts are approved, you will get a goodie!:)

The approval criteria is very simple – if your articles are relevant to indian startups, has a strong geeky element, send them right away!

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