B G Mahesh on OneIndia Acquisition by Netcore – “Content is the only reason why any medium will be successful”

Netcore today announced the acquisition of Greynium, the company behind OneIndia and Click.in. Here is a quick chat with B G Mahesh, Founder and CEO of Greynium.

Qn: Given your traffic (I believe OneIndia is doing extremely well), why sell so early in the cycle?

Greynium started its operations in Jan 2006. We had an acquisition offer in March 2006. I call that early.
We agreed for the acquisition route because the proposition was very powerful. As you have rightly mentioned Oneindia is doing well, but we are predominantly in the PC web space. Netcore is a leader in the mobile space (both SMS and WAP). By integrating the offerings we have our visitors and clients will have access to our services on PC web and mobile which I believe will be very powerful.

Qn: What are the areas that MyToday will benefit owing to the deal?

It is a win-win situation for both companies. For the respective subscriber base, we intend to now create services which will transcend any limitation of technology and screen.

Qn: Roadmap post-acquisition?
Consolidation of companies, people, creation of integrated services to consumers, offer combo opportunities for advertisers and enhance e-commerce through mobile integration and m-commerce through web reach.

Qn: Do you still think local language presence will help in Internet penetration? Is that ‘the’ way to go?

Local languages have grown tremendously in our country. The local flavour is important. When foreign media came to India they had to adopt to Hindi and now if a national media has to go local then it has to adopt regional language. Content is the only reason why any medium will be successful and we have complete faith that it is content only which will drive the success of web and mobile.

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