Interview with Harikrishnan, Senior Editor OneIndia/OneBookmarks

I wrote about the launch of OneBookmarks, the regional language bookmarking service from OneIndia and what I really liked about the service is it’s focus on the vernacular content. Here…

I wrote about the launch of OneBookmarks, the regional language bookmarking service from OneIndia and what I really liked about the service is it’s focus on the vernacular content.
Here is presenting our interview with P V Harikrishnan, Senior Editor of OneIndia. In this interview, Harikrishnan talks about the rising number of vernacular content, on OneIndia’s strategy to promote OneBookmarks and more.

What’s your belief behind launching a regional language bookmarking site?
According to a recent study by online research and advisory firm JuxtConsult, only around 41 per cent of India’s 30 million Internet users prefer to browse online in English as compared to 59% last year. The study also reveals that the number of Internet users in urban India has grown by 28 % per cent at 30.32 million in April 2007 as against 23.60 million a year ago.

According to the study, Google is the most preferred site for information search not only in English (75%) but also in other languages (74%). Considering this, the .in domain registration has already reached 200,000 in 2006. The resources and websites on Internet are growing at a rapid pace. Keeping up with these trends is one challenge and maintaining a database for future reference is another.

Even the rural sector of India is going to be connected with the rest of the world. DoT has been aggressive in its efforts and aims to connect 100,000 villages through broadband soon.

Internet search engine recently launched Tamil and Malayalam search capabilities on its site, in addition to the existing Hindi, Telugu and Kannada, besides English. According to “90% of its Internet search queries are local in nature.”

Looking at these stats one can easily gauge the amount of information that will be customized to suit user preferences, including offering content in local language. If DotCom companies in India want to reach out to the hundreds of millions of Indians (expected to be online in a few years’ time) they have to localize.

As a leader in regional content provider, we foresee greater content availability in regional languages as the Internet usage grows. Hence will become a place for all users to create a common repository of Internet content and share them with other local users – all this in their own regional language.

In general, except for Indianpad, none of the other social bookmarking sites are doing well. How do you plan to contest in this space?
We believe that there is space for multiple players in the social bookmarking field, however each of these will have to find its own niche.

Indianpad succeeded because they were focused on offering India specific bookmarking facility, but goes a step further. OneBookmarks is not just an India-centric bookmarking website, it also offers language options in English and five other Indian regional languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam – which is the first for Indian Internet users.

We are focused on enabling even the novice regional user to be able to better utilise the Internet. On, users can bookmark in regional languages by simply typing descriptions and tags in respective languages [Unicode font].

We are the market leaders in the Indian Language space on the Internet with over seven years of experience and this expertise would help us to attain the same position in the Social Bookmarking space.

Driving a user is a very important aspect of any bookmarking service – What are your plans regarding this?
We already have more than 250 tags in our tag clouds available in various languages in Unicode. And this by itself will be quite enticing for regional users or for people who prefer content in local language.

In addition to this has over 90 million impressions a month and we will be leveraging this traffic to increase the user base of our bookmarking service.

Future plans/partnerships?
Onebookmarks is in its beta stage now and you will see new features being introduced soon.

At present our aim is to have a sizeable user base and create a mark in the social media space. We have lot of plans to achieve this in the next couple of quarters.

We are in touch with a lot of like-minded sites to increase the visibility of We will keep you posted as and when something concrete materializes.

What has been the user response so far?
The user response has been incredibly welcoming. There are already good number of bookmarks since its launch last week. We are looking at more users coming from and other regional language sites and regional bloggers who will have an avenue to increase traffic to their blogs.

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