With OneNote’s Mac Success, Microsoft (We Hope) Has Realized its iMistake

Microsoft launched OneNote for Mac and within a day, the app hit the #1 rank in the Mac app store.

This isn’t anything new for Microsoft. Historically, Microsoft Office has been one of the most successful software in the entire Mac store (even when it wasn’t called store).

OneNote on Mac : Takes it All
OneNote on Mac : Takes it All

Two Things That Microsoft Did (Right)

1. Unbundling
I have been a huge fan of OneNote and have been talking/tweeting (for over a year now) about Microsoft launching OneNote as an unbundled software.

Am glad that they did.

Ofcourse, it’s too late for Microsoft (Evernote has taken the market share pie), but I certainly hope that Microsoft realizes the need to unbundle its (office) software more often that not.

2. Realizing iMistake.
Microsoft has ignored iOS since the day it was launched. While Steve Ballmer laughed about it, the truth is that Microsoft’s anti-iOS strategy helped Google grow its iOS share.

Creating services for iOS apps doesn’t sound at all like the Microsoft I used to know. Using Node.js and JavaScript doesn’t sound like that Microsoft. The old Microsoft would create services for their OSes only and you’d have to use Visual Studio. [Brent Simmons]

The times, they are a changing? Or Microsoft has realized that Windows phone ecosystem will take its own sweet time and the money minting division needs to step out and breathe some fresh air?

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