OnePlus Confirms That Its Type-C Cables Are ‘Not Safe For Use’ With Other Devices

OnePlus has issued a statement through their discussion forum stating that their Type-C cable and the USB Type-C adapter may not be “fully compatible with third-party devices” due to an internal resistor issue.

But, the cables/adapters shipped with the original box are safe for use with OnePlus 2, noted the statement.


“If you’re charging or transferring data to or from the OnePlus 2, you should have no problems using the cable that shipped with your OnePlus 2 or the cables or adapters you bought separately on,” stated, OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei.

OnePlus’ cable and adapter uses a low-powered resistor (10k); but the Type-C standard specifies a higher 56k resistor.

The cable and the adapter is designed to draw up to 2 amps of power; but the resistor could allow fast-charging devices(third-party) to draw more power than usual, causing a short-circuit.

The announcement came today after the issue was first noted by a Google engineer through his post in a G+ forum. Below is an overview explaining the compatibility:


Stand-alone Type-C Devices To Be Refunded

Customers who have purchased the Type-C cable/adapter to use with devices other than a OnePlus 2 will be getting an exclusive refund from the company.But, the cables included with the OnePlus 2 box are not eligible for a refund. The refund service will be provided until December 31, 2015.

“In the meantime, our team has already begun developing improved Type-C cables and adapters with 56k resistors,” sates Carl in his post


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