OnePlus Reveals That The ‘2’ Will Be Smaller Than Its Predecessor

The OnePlus 2 will be launched on July 27 and as the date nears the Chinese company has taken to Reddit to reveal a few more details about the device.

OnePlus One

The OnePlus team shared an image of a OnePlus One and said “Under this OnePlus One there is a OnePlus 2.” It signifies that the upcoming device is smaller, but no details on the display size have been revealed just yet.

Further, the company boasted that despite having a smaller build, the OnePlus 2 will get a 3,300mAh battery that’s roughly 10% larger than its predecessors.

Another big revelation was that the OnePlus 2 will get StypeSwap back covers – so much for the rumour that the device was going to feature an all-metal unibody construction.

Lastly, OnePlus revealed that there will be three different variants of the ‘2’ for Eurpoe/Asia, North America and China with better support for wireless bands.

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