The OnePlus 2 Will Have 4GB Of RAM

The launch of the OnePlus 2 is just around the bend and we’ve got ourselves yet another tantalizing detail of what to expect.

The company has revealed that the ‘2’ will pack 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM which it claims will result in “faster loading times, smoother gameplay, and never-before-seen energy saving features.”

According to a blog post, OnePlus claims that with LPDDR4 RAM you get twice the bandwidth performance as LPDDR3 at the same power consumption profile.

Further, the OnePlus 2’s RAM uses a lower operating voltage than its predecessor (1.1V v/s 1.2V) and supports speeds of up to 32GB/s.

You might not be able to feel the increased bandwidth or the lower operating voltage, but OnePlus claims you will be able to feel the lack of lag in slow-motion video, face recognition, and low-latency gaming.

32-bit processors were able to handle just 3GB of RAM but 64-bit ones like the Snapdragon 810 in the OnePlus 2 can handle upwards of 4GB, which is probably why the company opted for it in the first place.

So far, the OnePlus 2 is shaping up to be a device that makes its predecessor look weak. We already know the device will use a Snapdragon 810 processor, use a USB Type-C connector, and have a fingerprint reader, but the best part could be its sub-$450 price tag.

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