Grab A OnePlus VR Headset For Just Rs 99


Grab A OnePlus VR Headset For Just Rs 99

OnePlus is all set to launch its flagship OnePlus 2 smartphone on July 27 at an event that will be live streamed in VR.


While that sounds awesome, there’s just one problem. Not too many customers/fans have VR headsets (even cheapo Cardboard ripoffs) meaning lots of them will lose out on the fun.

Since that’s unacceptable, OnePlus has built its very own version of Cardboard which it plans to sell for just Rs 99 so everyone can tune in to watch the big reveal of the OnePlus 2.

That’s a great deal since so many Cardboard ripoffs cost much more than that, but how is OnePlus doing it? Simple. The company claims it loses money on each headset it sells.

Moreover, we think it’s a great marketing strategy, because, c’mon who doesn’t want a VR headset? Like us at NextBigWhat, a lot of you have been looking to get your hands on a great Cardboard device anyway, getting one from OnePlus only ensures you tune in on the launch too.

OnePlus Cardboard is based on the design of Cardboard 2.0 and the company made a few improvements of its own.

Durable – the company says it uses thicker materials than the original Cardboard and also makes use of velcro straps.

Compact – OnePlus says its headset is 20% smaller than the original and has been designed for the OnePlus One. However, compatible devices with screen sizes of up to 6” can be used with the headset.

Clean – the VR headset has been coated with a special film that repels dirt and oil, meaning no more forehead stains.

For Everyone – as mentioned earlier, the OnePlus Cardboard can accommodate any device with a screen size of up to 6-inches. Further, apart from watching the launch of the OnePlus 2, owning one means you can get in on many fun games and YouTube videos made for VR.

How Do I Get My Hands On One?

  1. One Plus is giving away a lot of headsets for free and all you need to do is sign yourself up at the OnePlus Cardboard Giveaway. The contest closes on July 3.
  2. If you don’t get lucky, you can just buy the headset off for just Rs 99 starting from the third week of July.


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