OnePlus Co-Founder : I Want To Intern With Samsung

Carl Pei, Cofounder of One Plus, says that he is interested in interning with Samsung and proposes for an “intern swap” by asking Samsung to send one of their executives to One Plus to “share business ideas and feedbacks”.

He says that One Plus is looking to adapt and change their operations and logistics to better suit the the growing demand of their devices. Pei further talks about the success that Samsung has witnessed and asks Samsung to take him in as an intern.

Samsung was founded 77 years ago. Running a company that does so well, for so long, with such a wide range of products is an astounding feat by any measure. They’ve shipped hundreds of millions of phones around the globe through a multitude of sales channels; you can’t help but admire their operations.

There’s a lot of talk lately about how the ‘new guys’ (like OnePlus) are coming in to disrupt the ‘giants of the smartphone industry’ (like Samsung, who’ve had a few less than stellar quarters).  We’ve seen a lot of speculation and analysis about if and how one player can dominate the market. Well, we fully agree that the industry is evolving, but we think there’s room for all of us to compete and learn from each other. 

So, Samsung, today I have a proposal for you: let me be your intern. Seriously.

He intends to share ‘ideas and feedbacks’ mutually by arguing that it is a good idea for competitors to share and learn industry practices and insights, since it could contribute towards delivering better products for consumers.

I would be honored to learn from your team about how you’ve been able to scale, run, and manage your business so successfully. In turn, I would be happy to share what we’ve learned about how to engage with our community and implement their feedback to deliver a better user experience.

Pei also says that he wasn’t happy with the One Plus Two’s invite-based roll out and states that he has “learnt a very important lesson with the launch of OnePlus 2 by not getting units shipped out as soon as they should have been”.

Furthermore he announced that One Plus has ramped up the invite rollout, and that they would soon hold “a one-hour open sale” for people looking to purchase the device without hassles. [source]

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  1. That’s how should a Co-Founder be :p. Ready to see OnePlus Galaxy.. Btw if samsung hire’s him, will there be a vacancy for CEO at OnePlus ? :p

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