OnePlus Launches Signature Sandstone Case For iPhone 6 & 6s Users

The Sandstone-casing is the signature finish for all OnePlus phones; it is something that people have come to equate with OnePlus. According to OnePlus, “people have devoted” entire articles to it, take the following example from TIME Magazine:

“Almost every other modern smartphone has a back cover that might as well be made out of soap [sic] bar. […] But the OnePlus 2’s back cover — I’m talking about the ‘Sandstone Black’ option — feels something like a smooth sandpaper that’s grippy but also comfortable. I would have absolutely no qualms about going case-commando with this phone. It’s that good.”


The iPhone 6 and 6s cases will be priced at Rs 1,199, exclusively available on Amazon in the latter half of December 2015. A limited number of cases will be available during the holiday season and each case will come with a physical invite to the OnePlus X.

Selected buyers will receive an invite to purchase a special ceramic version of the phone, and a select few will have the chance to receive the phone for free.