OnePlus Claims The ‘2’ Has A Better Camera Than The Galaxy S6

OnePlus has a simple mantra – flagship level performance at a pocket-friendly cost. While the OnePlus One mostly delivered on that promise, there were still a few things left desired, especially when it came to camera performance.

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With the OnePlus 2, the company is claiming to have bettered the camera performance of even the best smartphone shooters on the market while still retaining a price of under $450. OnePlus recently posted test photos shot on the upcoming ‘2’ and its high-end rivals.

OnePlus posted macro photos comparing the camera of the OnePlus 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 (which is considered to be the best Android shooter currently on the market) on its Chinese forum.

As you’d imagine, the results show that the OnePlus 2 takes better photos than the Galaxy S6, at least better macro shots that is. It’s hard to give into these claims, but then again with the OnePlus 2 launching on July 27, you won’t have to wait long to know.

Here are the sample images, with photos shot by the OnePlus 2 on the left:

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