Spice Up Your Sex Life with Online Adult Stores Kaamastra & Shycart

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Spice Up Your Sex Life with Online Adult Stores Kaamastra & Shycart

Looking for adult products like lubricants? Sexy lingerie? Some naked wear? Don’t fret. You can now buy it online from Kaamastra and Shycart.

Currently, Kaamastra has a catalogue spanning across five categories – “The nights,” “Bedroom play,” “Lubricants,” “Massage and bath” and “Naked wear”. On the other hand Shycart deals in four categories including lingerie, personal care, women’s care and sex related products to optimize sexual experience.

With Kaamastra, consumers can buy international brands such as SuperSlyde, KY Jelly and Hathor Aphrodisia to name a few that are on the webstore. The online retailer allows consumers to select clothing like lingerie, bikini, pan chemises, corsets and bustier, stocking with others as one’s preferred size and shape.

Both startups claim to deliver orders within 4 working days in major cities. Usually Kaamastra takes 4-10 days to smaller cities and Shycart asks for 1-2 weeks time when it comes to deliver in tier 2 & 3 cities.

While Kaamastra charges Rs.35 when order size is below Rs.500, Shycart allows free shipping on orders worth beyond Rs.300. In terms of traction, Kaamastra claims to have more than 20,000 visitors visited the site so far. “We went live in February this year and since then closing around 100-120 orders per month,” said Rahber Nazir, CEO and co-founder, Kaamastra.

Shycart sees decent traction from tier 1 cities, however startup did not disclose the number of orders received by it. Kaamastra and Shycart source products from countries like China, Australia, USA amongst others. The average ticket size for both startups peg around Rs.1,000.

Online adult product market in India

At present ecommerce experts predict that the Indian market for such products is pegged around Rs.1,200- 1,500 crore and is expected to grow to Rs 2,450 crore in 2016 and Rs 8,700 crore in 2020, spurred by a rise in the number of people who want to spice up their sex lives.[Via]

Kaamastra and Shycart compete with Mumbai based Thatspersonal, which launched in January 2013. Thatspersonal claims to have 30,000 visitors coming to the website on monthly basis with 70% growth month on month (MoM). “In June we have shipped around 430 orders with average ticket size of Rs.1800-1900 per transaction,” said Sameer Saraiya, CEO and founder, Digitalelife, which owns Thatspersonal.

Portal’s 80% of the orders have been placed by male while rest comes from women. “About 60-65% orders are coming from tier 1 and metro cities and rest from smaller towns,” concluded Saraiya.To maintain consumer privacy all three startups ensure that not even the delivery guy knows about the products inside, and importantly these companies don’t display their names (logos etc) on delivery box.


Sourcing seems to be real challenge in etailing of adult or sex related products. For instance if you see lingerie category – most of the etaliers are relying on the same inventory except some who have managed to crack exclusive partnership with global brands. “Sourcing in this space is challenging as only handful of domestic suppliers deal in such products. With the experience we gained over the past few months, we work on a partial inventory plus partial drop shipment model,” said Vivek Raja, founder, Shycart.

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