Online Android App Market – Google goes the extra mile to enhance its app eco- system.

Android applications are set to see an exponential growth in numbers as well as revenue, and major companies have realized the potential and are getting ready to launch their own app stores for android! The problem apparent now is getting these apps to end-users and make sure the developers have a good incentive to keep developing for your platform. Google realized this a while back and vowed to bring an online version of the android market, and its finally here!!

The new market is available at to reach from your desktop or laptop. The market is neatly organised into categories and is easy to use. You can sync your phone account with the website and it will give you complete information about all the apps that are installed on your phone!! What is even more impressive is that the online market has a list of all available apps with user reviews and description! You can not only install free apps directly to your phone with a simple click but also purchase apps in a surprisingly simple interface. Once you get using this online interface, you will prefer it over your phone market, although its basically the same information, it is much neater and better in user experience! The online market will also let you tweet your favourite apps and share them with friends.

Google is rumoured to be in talks with network carriers over the world in an effort to make payment through carriers possible. The obvious problem with this scenario is the sheer number of carriers around the world and negotiating with every carrier and still keeping a healthy revenue that keeps developers interested. This major advancement ensures that users find apps faster and makes it easier for them to install apps with minimum fuss!

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