Mettl is an Online Assessment Platform That Checks Your Mettle

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Mettl is an Online Assessment Platform That Checks Your Mettle

Mettl is an online assessment platform that enables hiring managers in companies to measure and track skills of pre-hires and employees. Using the site, a company can create a standardized assessment based on their own requirements in less than 5 mins.mettl_beta

Mettl is more than an online assessment engine and to a certain extent, it has much deeper offering than its competitor (example: InterviewStreet). For instance Mettl focuses on multidimensional testing instead of just testing one’s coding skills. They also have skill matching engine that brings a set of pre-canned job profiling (i.e. tests) which will help a lot of HR (confused that they are) to assess specific roles.

The Gurgaon based company is funded by Blume Ventures and earlier raised angel round from InMobi’s Naveen Tewari and Sasha Mirchandani. What’s great about Mettl is the traction the company has received from the industry – they have bagged clients like Capgemini, Ericsson, Cognizant, Timesjobs, EXL, Educomp, Virtusa, Comviva, Inmobi, Cleartrip, Playdom etc.


In terms of focus, the startup has focused its effort on the software industry but is soon expanding into banking, retail and telecom businesses.

Here is a short QnA with Ketan Kapoor, cofounder of Mettl.  What has been the traction so far?

Ketan Kapoor: The traction has been really amazing and since we are absolutely product focused, the product is selling on its own merit with zero marketing or sales force. Just go through a few customer testimonials to get a sense of the usefulness of the product. Some of our clients include Capgemini, Ericsson, Cognizant, Timesjobs, EXL, Educomp, Virtusa, Comviva, Inmobi, Cleartrip, Playdom, Ixigo, Kony Labs, Laqsh, Aditi Technologies and Brain4ce (entire list here). Target audience – are you targeting cos. going for campus placements?

Ketan Kapoor: Only a small fraction of our clients are using our platform for campus assessments. Our target audience are companies which require a platform to measure skills. This can be across various industries and for fresh hires, lateral hires or existing employees. In addition, we are getting a lot of clients who are in the business of training itself and want to use our assessments for measuring training effectiveness. Another dimension are the various simulators that we have – just with the coding simulator, we have done more than 1 lakh assessments in the past few months across various languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, C# and VB. What kind of analytics do you offer to clients?

Ketan Kapoor: Analytics has been our strong point right from the start – we offer three levels of analytics – overall test level, skill level and individual question level. Since we capture data in the most granular level, we can actually roll up to give very detailed analytics. For eg., our clients can actually get to know the number of flukes any candidate would have scored in their test based on the data that we capture!!!

Our only question to Mettl team – what’s stopping you from going International?

Aside, with slowdown environment – do you think hiring/assessment platforms need to get into more authority building than pure transactional play? That is, why can’t Mettl (or Interviewstreet) start a certification program and run certification program for students (i.e. conquer the supply)?

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