72% Car Buyers Research on Internet Before Buying [Report]

A few days back Google India conducted a market study on online behavior of car buyers and found that 40% car buyers use Internet for research before making the purchase.

Webchutney recently conducted a study (sample size of 2024, between April to June 2010) and study has some interesting findings

– 72% respondents intending to purchase a car prefer to use internet to gather relevant information about their choice.
– only 52% rely on Magazines (Print) and a mere 26% rely on TV.
– 81% respondents intending to purchase a car rely on information provided on auto brands’ websites.
– only 44% rely on the salesman at the dealer’s outlet for car related information.
– Of the survey sample. 62% respondents indicated they have shared an auto related experience/opinion online.
– 84% of car owners online in the age group of 25 – 39 years.

What’s your take on these findings?
Read the entire report (embedded below)

Webchutney Digital Automotive Report 2010

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