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I wrote earlier on how everybody is quitting naukri as well as getting married; and recently released comscore data (for the period of Feb-July ’07) of leading players in the online classifieds Industry in India just proves the point.
Here are a few interesting excerpts from the report (which estimates the no. of Internet users in India to be 23 million)

Online classified Industry: Jobs

  • leads the way (3.8 mn unique visitors)- which essentially means that not everybody is quitting naukri!
  • Timesjobs witnessed highest jump (38%) and looks like their “everybody quitting naukri” campaign worked well.
  • stands at a steady state and is the no. 2 visited job site.


  • Online job search market is highly dominated by a few big players.
  • Fifth most popular job site’s traffic = 10% of the no.1 site and that itself says that
    • either there is a huge gap and maybe, a big opportunity?
    • or maybe, it’s too difficult to break in?

Online classified Industry: Marriage sites

  • leads the way, but is registering a decline in the no. of unique visitors.
  • JeevanSathi beats BharatMatrimony in terms of no. of unique visitors.
  • Both Shaadi and Bharatmatrimony have seen a decline in unique visitors
  • JeevanSaathi is the number 1 site, if you go by pageviews (119 mn vs. 49 million of


  • As is the case with Job sites, the industry is dominated by 4 players.
  • The fifth player ( gets insignificant amount of traffic

According to BharatMatrimony, the data stated in this report doesn’t takes into account their regional portals. If one takes into account the regional portals, BM is a clear winner.
Lesson for BM: It’s time to consolidate the brands. Maybe BM should have regional portals as part of the main domain (i.e. should be a masked URL for so on)

Online classified Industry: Real Estate Industry

  • BharatMatrimony owned IndiaProperty is the no. 1 site
  • 99 is no. 1 in terms of page views.
  • Yahoo’s real estate site doesn’t have anything to talk about.

Online classified Industry: Automobile segment

  • Yahoo autos is the most visited site, followed very closely by carwale
  • Carwale leads in terms of number of page views.
  • BharatMatrimony’s registered highest growth (181%) in the last 6 months.
  • The total unique visitors for was 153,000 in July 2007, followed by and combined together at 144,000

Overall, the classifieds industry is dominated by four players; but I believe times will change (yes! there are a few startups working on very innovative concepts!)
Source: agencyfaqs, view the entire report here

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