Zoho Projects Goes Social – Adds Twitter like ‘Project’ Stream

Online collaboration is a beast and readers of this site have been getting a doze of online collab tools very frequently.

Today, Zoho has entered into the ‘Yammer/Twitter’ domain of live streaming (and lot more) and has launched a newer version of Zoho projects.

Zoho projects enables you to import your mpp files,keep projects organized and most importantly, help you collaborate with your team.

  • The Project Stream keeps you up-to-date about the latest activities going on around your project
  • Set your User Status to let your team members know what you’re working on (you can think of that like a private Twitter for your Project)
  • Keep all your meetings, milestones and tasks organized in the shared calendar
  • Store your files and documents in one place, keep track of the changes with the version history
  • Discussions – interactive forums make everyone a part of the conversation – and keep important topics and decisions available for everyone to see
  • Create team and project web pages with the integrated Wiki
  • Always-on, embedded chat means you can chat with your entire team – or with only one person using just your browser. And it also keeps a log of what’s been said so you can refer back to past conversation. And you can also setup different ‘chat rooms’ – one for every topic you’re discussing. – more

Couple of enhancements are a sure welcome

  • Timesheet will help you track time and is integrated with Zoho Invoice.
  • Reports helps you track each team members performance against stated goal.

Like we said earlier, Zoho is competing to replace your IT department and is potentially a bigger play than Google.

Having said that, if you start using Zoho for your daily use (as a user, and not a blogger/critic), you will find frequent breaks that just hurts the user experience (for instance, I am unable to create a Zoho project at the time of writing this article) – there are too many open loops in the product, married with nearly wrong English.

If you are a daily use of Zoho, we would like to know your experience.

View this introductory demo of Zoho projects

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