Amazon, Flipkart and Cocaine. Wait, say that again?

From Drones flitting outside to robots sliding inside warehouses, online retailers are always chasing that edge when it comes to logistics. But it can be more than operations or a backyard hygiene-factor. 
The more one can shorten this order-delivery gap, the more addictive one becomes for the customers and, hence, more of a revenue-magnet too.
Professor Adam R Winstock, founder and CEO of Global Drug Survey reveals on the sidelines of a recent study that there is a smart reinforcement psychology at work here and that is what pushes big online retailers to reduce the time between purchase and delivery.
It’s like taking drugs – because a drug turns more addictive as the speed of the onset of effect after consumption goes up.
Ordering and getting something late vs. getting it fast is akin to smoking vs. injecting (coz the transfer to brain is in less than 5 seconds).
Quite a crack!

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