Online Diwali sales – electronic items accounted for 45% of the sales

This year, online Diwali sales was supposed to cross Rs. 250 crores.

Did it meet the expectations?

While the exact diwali sales numbers are not yet announced, here are a few interesting tidbits:

  • This year, over 45 per cent of online sales have been of electronic items (In 2006, electronic items accounted for a mere 5 per cent) – digital cameras, and MP3 players were popular gifts for the season.
    Sony and Canon are top brands in the former while it is Apple all the way in the MP3 category with the iPod music player.
  • On eBay, Nokia’s GPS mobile N95 features in the top most searched keywords.
  • On, HTC mobile caught up to the crest of the buying wave, while Sony Ericsson and Nokia tied for the top slot.
  • Televisions are also a hot favourite – Sony, Samsung and LG are the most sought after brands.
  • Nokia still rules the roost at, followed by Motorola and Samsung.
  • Sweets sales have dropped while diamond jewellery and gold coins now hold third place. Apparel, books, music and video follow

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While this sounds like a good start for a great Indian Internet story, what’s interesting to note is that Indians are still not buying goods which are “touch/experience independent”! Most of the items that are bought online are electronic goods (where any SKU is as same as the other)!

What’s your take? Do you see a pattern change in the coming years?

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