Interviewing a Geek? Try CodeBunk [Collaborative Code Editor/Compiler Meets Video Chat]

Hiring a developer? Well, there are quite a few tools that enables online screening, exams but very few of them come bundled with communication tools. The latest entry in this space, CodeBunk provides a single platform for the interviewing process: i.e. communication tools (mic and camera), editor and compiler all built in the same interface.


Primary use-case?

Even though CodeBunk can be used for collaborative coding, the primary use-case is of online interviewing.

The interviewer will create a new bunk and share the URL with the interviewee. The collaborative editor will then be used for interviewer to pose questions and the interviewee to solve them. Since CodeBunk also has Audio/Video chat, both the parties need not be on Phone or Skype to communicate either. With the ability to run code, the interviewer doesn’t have to dry run the code either, he/she can simply run the code to find out its correctness.

 Developer Yousuf Fauzan shares that geeks have also started using CodeBunk as Pastebin or Gist with the added advantage of running the code and perhaps realtime collaboration.

Say you are on a site like stackoverflow answering a question, instead of putting your code in the answer, you can simply put the URL of the bunk and others not only view your code but also run it or fork it and improve upon it.

The best way probably to describe CodeBunk is that it’s Gist made more collaborative. Other tools like etc are positioned as a full-fledged IDEs, but CodeBunk wants to stick to smaller pieces of code.

If you are interviewing a geek, do try CodeBunk and share your suggestion.

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