Lingu – the Online Language Trainer that Personalizes Courses for You


Lingu – the Online Language Trainer that Personalizes Courses for You

Learning a language is one of the most interesting things to do. But for some it is often a tedious task since it involves spending time, giving a bit of an effort to understand and learn a language and most of the time the courses are too structured. This is where Lingualia, a company based in Spain comes in.

Sergio Blanco, the CEO & Founder of Lingualia says, “The motivation and requirements of each language learner varies dramatically, as does the rate of progression and understanding. With this in mind we have come up with a very interesting solution – Lingualia, which among other things is a social network for language learning that applies artificial intelligence to personalize the course to match the exact requirements of each student.” It has both web & iPhone versions at present.


At present, Lingualia offers courses only in English and Spanish, but the company plans to include more languages including Hindi by next year.

Lingu, the virtual teacher developed by Lingualia is programmed with artificial intelligence, and tailored to each student. Lingu analyses all aspects of the users’ learning capacities to create a personalized course for each student. The important point over here is that the student isn’t required to adapt to the course but the course adapts to the student. This Lingualia says achieves a noticeable increase in motivation, and a much faster progress with very little effort.

Lingualia also offers a great amount of flexibility. Users of the service can study for just five minutes, or even two hours and most importantly can connect via their home computer, tablet or smartphone. Lingualia synchronizes user activity across all devices so they can pick up from the exact point where they left off.

The content has been created exclusively by the Lingualia team and offers more than 200 lessons, 8,000 audios and grammar flashcards, dialogues with images and audios, and exercises with practical and, realistic use of language. Each lesson has dialogues which help you practice your oral comprehension and pronunciation. At the end of every unit you will be tested via a series of exercises and activities.

The courses are based on the levels which are defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each course is made up of 4 different levels.

An amazing feature of this service is that users can practice with other users within the Lingualia community with a chat facility which offers complete activities and exercises, which other native speakers of the language can correct and one can gain helpful and insightful comments.

The service also has a iPhone app which seamlessly brings to web experience to the phone and syncs perfectly with the status on the web.

We tried out both the web and iPhone services and are impressed with the way the courses are structured and personalizes itself based on our learning.

Future Plans

 The company plans to diversifying its range of services and tools within the platform to include – video chat, speech recognition, and other ‘smart’ activities, which will be activities suggested by Lingu to each student based on motivation.

They also plan to launch of an app for Android as soon as possible and to include other courses for French this year and to expand to courses to learn German, Chinese and Hindi next year.

So if your someone who wants to refresh your English, or learn Spanish head over to the Lingualia website and sign up today. We personally can’t wait for the introduction of Hindi courses and will be keeping an eye out for that.

You can download the free iPhone app here.

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