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Are online newspaper readers avid buyers too?
Well, YES!

NAA (Newspaper Association of America), in its recent study found that People who visit newspaper Web sites on an average day are more likely to make online purchases, and make greater use of the Internet for advertising, shopping information and various types of news and information.

The study found that 82% of *Power Users* (as the study calls them) purchased products online, 76 percent browse products for sale, and 43 percent download coupons.

Few characteristics of this segment are:

  • Young crowd (avg. age is 39 years), better-educated, affluent and at ease with purchasing onlineTend to use more of online services (bill payment, map directions etc)
  • At least 65 percent of Power Users have high speed Internet access at home and at work,

Its also interesting to notice that Google continues to gain in local news, and information and entertainment, and Yahoo! and MSN also are strong competitors, especially among non-users.
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Concluding thoughts:

  • Will this study help the online advertisers in defining their target users?
  • How does this affect news aggregators/blogs (like digg?) – Are they seen as competition to *original* newspaper websites (from advertising perspective)?