Online Food Delivery Market Grows By 40%; Movie Ticketing Share Drops

The online food delivery market has seen an impressive 40% growth in 2014 and reached INR 350 crores by the end of December 2014. According to the data released by the IAMAI as part of its industry review of the previous year, the food delivery segment is now witnessed to a lot of traction, and it is not surprising that the segment is growing at a fast clip. Significantly, the online food delivery market constitutes 17% of the overall other online services pie.


On the other hand, Online booking for commuting (cabs etc.) has also seen a rapid growth during 2014. By the end of 2014, the online commuting market in India was INR 600 crores.

The share of buying online tickets for movies, sports, show/concerts etc. in the Online Service pie has dropped to 49% as compared to 2013 and was pegged at INR 990 crores in December 2014. The online grocery market garners 6% of the total online services pie.

The other online services market has grown with a CAGR of 73% since 2010 and was valued at INR 2,025 crores by December 2014. This segment includes emerging service categories like Online Entertainment Ticketing, Online Commuting, Online Food and Grocery Delivery.

The e-Tailing category has grown manifold with a CAGR of 33% from INR 2,372 crores in the year 2010 (Jan-Dec 2010) to INR 10,004 crores in year 2013 (Jan-Dec 2013). It further grew by 1.4 times and reached INR 24,046 crores in December 2014.

etailing share

Mobiles & mobile phone accessories contribute the most, i.e., 41% (INR 9,936 crores) to the e-Tailing segment followed by apparels, footwear & personal items which contribute 20% (INR 4,699 crores). Consumer Durables along with Kitchen Appliances contribute another 14% (INR 3,404 crores).

Out of the remaining 25%, Laptops/Net Books/Tablets, Home Furnishings, Books contribute to another INR 2,780 crores, INR 1,059 crores and INR 648 crores respectively. Emerging categories that comprise products like deals/coupons, toys, gifts, handicrafts, flowers etc. continue to contribute just about 3% of the e-Tailing pie. Jewellery & Camera/Camera accessories each contribute the lowest to the e-tailing pie.

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