Online Shopping in India: eBay India sells one product a min

Indians are shopping online and as per eBay India’s latest numbers – eBay India is selling one product every minute.

Hot selling products are not the most obvious ones – i.e. software/computer related etc, but it’s jewelery!

It is jewelery that is the most sought and a piece of it is sold every 7 minutes on eBay India (other popular categories are Coins or currency notes, mobile handsets, stamps, books, music players and watches).

On an average day, a piece of jewellery is sold every 7 minutes, a coin or note sells every 16 minutes, a stamp sells every 19 minutes, an apparel sells every 22 minutes and a book is sold every 27 minutes.  [ET]

Interesting stats. While the numbers don’t hold any significant meaning (reminds me of GNIIT ad that says one guy is placed every 11 minutes – basically you take the number of items that are sold, average out and create a PR!) – what’s really interesting is the fact that jewelery is the most sold item.

Let’s take a quick look at eBay India traffic:

eBay India Traffic (Comscore)
eBay India Traffic (Comscore)

  • 15-24 age group: 38.3%
  • 25-34: 29%
  • 35-44: 17%
  • 45-54: 14.3%

As per eBay’s transaction data, men in the age-group of 25-30 years account for 70-75 per cent of the shoppers.

Do you buy things online (i.e. apart from air/train tickets)?

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