WebKlipper Launches A Survey Tool [And It Solves A Serious Pain]

Webklipper, the Mumbai based startup that started with a web annotation idea and later pivoted into a feedback service has launched an awesome survey tool that solves a serious pain forwebklipper_survey small-to-medium sized publishers.

First of all, let me share a bit of observation with site visitors – i.e. not all site visitors are same.

There are a few Pluggd.in readers who visit the site more than 8 times/day and a few who reach us via search engine or social media mentions – and they aren’t same. They have a different intent (and relationship with the site) and when we ask them for feedback/or for survey, we need to be very sure on the segment that’s giving us the feedback/answering our survey. In fact, we shouldn’t be asking same questions to visitors who come from search engine (i.e. navigators) vs. those who are regular readers.

This is precisely what Webklipper’s survey tool is targeting – i.e. enabling publishers to create surveys based on visitor’s profile. These service doesn’t allow long surveys , but 1 question surveys with a precise rule-based targeting capability.

  • Target a question at visitors coming from certain geography(ies): We let you target based on country, city, region etc of a visitor on your website. E.g this survey will only be visible to visitors from anywhere in the US or Delhi (India) or Mumbai (India).
  • You can ask a very specific question to a visitor from search engines (all major ones supported). E.g. This survey will only be visible to visitors who come via Google search.
  • Target a question at visitors for a particular page(s) on your website: You can create a different survey for your product page and a separate one for your pricing page.
  • Target a question at visitors spending x amount of time on your site. [official blog]

An important feature for WebKlipper to enable rule based notifications that will help publishers to create site alerts based on a certain rules (this is precisely why a lot of bloggers/publishers use Wibiya which I believe is quite bloated now).

Overall, very impressive service and in order to test this, we have enabled a quick survey (will be live only for today). Do take the survey and in the process, give WebKlipper a spin.

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