Online Video Consumption–India Holds the Number 3 Position Worldwide

Video consumption is happening across multiple platforms – right from TV to Online, Mobile and across newer devices like tablets.

Nielsen recently conducted a survey (sample size : 27,000 online consumers in 55 countries) on video consumption habits and here are some of the key findings

  • Claimed TV viewership is higher than average in the emerging BRIC economies, Brazil, Russia, India and China, and lower than average in many developed European markets
  • Globally, 70% of online consumers watched video over the Internet in March. Penetration is predictably highest among younger consumers.
  • Mobile Video: is already used by 11% of global online consumers: penetration is highest in Asia-Pacific and among consumers in their late 20s.
  • Tablet PCs: are expanding the definition of mobile video. Globally, 11% of online consumers already own or plan to purchase a tablet PC (such as an iPad) in the next year.
  • “Over the Top” TV: televisions with Internet connections are gaining interest. About one in five (22%) global online consumers owns or has definite interest in buying a television with Internet connection in the next year.

Online Video Consumption

Online video is most broadly watched among online consumers in China and Indonesia, where consumers are 26% more likely to use video. India stands at number 3.


Interestingly, online video consumption happens largely from offices. Globally, 57% of respondents report having watched online video on their computer at work—higher amongst younger consumers who have grown accustomed to accessing video whenever, wherever they want it.

On a market basis, workplace video consumption is most popular amongst online consumers in China, Hong Kong and India: consumers in each market were more than 45% more likely to watch online video at work.

Mobile Video

Globally, 11% of online consumers watched some video or mobile TV on their phone in March. Surprisingly, India stands at number 4th in mobile video consumption (without 3G), the pack being led by Philipines, Indonesia and China.


Though the survey has mixed responses, it is surprising that North America is lagging in adoption of new media consumption.

What’s your opinion?

Download the survey report from here.

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