DrawTyme Makes Teaching Videos Easy for Teachers to Create

DrawTyme is an app that lets teachers create animated videos using their tablets and mobile phones.

A Bangalore-based startup, DrawTyme has a solution for teachers who want to use videos to reach out to students. With DrawTyme, animated videos can be made without the hassles of professional video animation. All users need is a mobile or a tablet.

Started by  IIT-B graduates and brothers, Gaurang and Niranjan Kanvinde in 2013, DrawTyme seeks to tap into India’s growing mobile user base to democratise education.

How DrawTyme Works


DrawTyme lets users record an audio layer to help explain the text in the video, rendering a face to face interaction unnecessary.

“Normally it’s difficult to draw and talk at the same time and so the video has a lot of pauses. What DrawTyme does in such a case, is that it detects the silence and crunches the video to audio accordingly,” says Gaurang Kanvinde, Co-founder at DrawTyme.

The audio can be recorded by the user separately or while making the video. The app automatically syncs audio with video in either case. DrawTyme also lets users edit videos after recording, and lets students make notes and enter comments on the videos. The audio function of the app lets a user also record the video in multiple languages. This is useful, and allows the same video to be circulated in multiple languages.

drawtyme 2

“Fancy transitions are not included, and the option to import audio is not there. It’s for a user who is not so demanding on the features list. The primary goal is to convey something with good quality, that doesn’t interfere with communication,” adds the IITian.

Among the list of features that DrawTyme will soon possess are:

  • importing audio

  • importing from Powerpoint presentations

  • importing from other non-animated, conventional videos and annotation of those videos

According to DrawTyme, videos created will be 10-20% the size of an average Youtube video (that’s about 80-90% smaller) and can be stored on the cloud, and can be accessed via the app or the browser.

The app has currently been developed for Android as the company feels that the adoption of the operating system is higher in India. It will soon also have an iOS version, while the Windows version of the app is not being mulled upon any time soon.

Beyond India

The company will target the “mature” mobile and internet user base in the US and Europe for DrawTyme. In India, meanwhile, the company plans to stick to universities and places where self-study is an essential part of education. This rules out schools for now, says DrawTyme.

Banking on The Indian Mobile User Base

DrawTyme says they will use India as their primary base and target before expanding to other countries. The country has become the second largest mobile user in the world.

India has seen its mobile and tablet user base boom among other emerging markets as well. Industry reports say India has over 930 million mobile users with an increase of 8.35 million people every month. The median prices of mobile handsets too seen a steady fall. Prices dropped from Rs 8k in 2012 to Rs 7k in 2013, making the product more accessible to people without high incomes.

DrawTyme had recently raised Rs 10 lakh on-the-spot funding from Nasscom.

“We are looking for investors, but we need mentors more than investors,” says Gaurang, “It is more important to guide the vehicle than getting fuel. So we are looking for mentors who can guide us as well,” he adds.

DrawTyme is currently in public beta is available on mobiles and tablets running Android 4.1 and above. Users will have to join a Google Plus Community, before gaining access to the app from the Play Store. It can be accessed here.

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