German Pen Company Online’s World Pen Stylus Is For The Pen Affectionado in You [Review]

A lot of us like to take handwritten notes and make sketches or simply jot down things on our smartphone and tablets, but sometimes our fingers tend to be a bit too big to work as a stylus on a regular smartphone screen.

A pen stylus with a rubber or synthetic tip is much more suited for this purpose and there are a lot of manufacturers that have introduced stylus products with various tips, available in the market.

Online, a Germany based company, has a similar product called World Pen Stylus. The device made out of aluminium comes with a synthetic stylus tip on one side and a rollerball pen on the other.

The stylus tip can be used for writing, drawing and other touch function on touch-sensitive mobile or tablet screens.


The roller ball World Pen Stylus
The roller ball World Pen Stylus

The body of the pen is light and smooth and has a chrome finish. The lid on the other hand is slightly heavier and has a black matte finish with a map of the world in silver color printed on it. The stylus tip also can be replaced as the black bulbous tips tend to wear over time.

As far as build quality is concerned, the pen did not match up to a lot of its counterparts from other manufacturers like the Bamboo stylus, Griffin stylus etc.


When we tried out the Online World Pen Stylus, it seemed to sensitive enough and did not miss on any of the touches. When it came to writing on the screen, the pen did have a few problems. Even though the tip performed the function, it gave a bit of resistance to the hand motion. The tip did not glide smoothly, as it is meant to, over the screen. This was the case on a stock screen, but the problem was more prominent on glossy screen guards.

Also the heavy lid on the body did give us a lopsided feel.

One thing stylus manufacturers should keep in mind is that, putting a rubber tip on a pen won’t make it a good touchscreen stylus.


With a retail price of Rs 4,225, it does fall on the pricier side and with many other manufacturers offering similar functionality at less than half the cost, the device could find it difficult to beat its touchscreen counterparts.

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