Only 18 million registrations for Do Not Call Registry

So much hype during the DNC launch, and a year later only 18 million subscribers have registered their mobile number in the registry!

The dismal registration is mainly because of lack of

awareness (operators contribute to this) and also the ‘perceived’ ineffectiveness by govt. to keep a tab on telemarketers.

81,000 complaints were received by various service providers, out of which more than 79,000 complaints have been addressed and around 1,600 complaints are still pending.

  • 19,163 telemarketers registered with the Department of Telecommunications.
  • The daily average of telephone numbers being uploaded to NDNC has increased from 10 million a day in October 2007 to 100 million a day as on September 2008.
  • So far, 10,151 telephones of the telemarketers have been disconnected on account of repeated violation of the Regulation on the subject.
  • 8,543 telemarketers have been fined Rs 500 and 2,801 telemarketers have been fined Rs 1,000 for violation of NDNC rules. – source

I don’t think govt. is to be blamed for tele-spams – how many of us actually registered a complaint against telemarketers?

Did you?

Do you think Do-Call-Registry will work?

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