Only 5% Readers will pay 18K+ for an iPhone in India


Only 5% Readers will pay 18K+ for an iPhone in India

Started a poll yesterday and within 1 day, 135 readers took the poll and here are the results:iphone price india survey

  • Only 5% are willing to pay between 18K-22K (we call them tushan-ies)
  • 40% are dreamers – they still believe that they can get an iPhone for less than 10K.
  • Majority of readers, i.e. 55% will pay somewhere between 10K-18K.

The above data is of utmost importance to operators (we get lot of hits from airtel and vodafone email inboxes), since

  • readers are tech savvy dudes (and dudettes) and constitute the ‘innovator/early adopter’ segment.
  • the majority of users will go for 10K-18K price range, and that means early bird offer, or a credit hook might just work.

And if you are the kind who thinks iPhone doesn’t faces a demand challenge (i.e.’since everybody is talking about it, they will also buy the phone’ syndrome), you are quite wrong.

Pressure on Indian operators

Both Bharati and Vodafone have announced pre-registration of iPhone – the price pressure for them will not come from Nokia or HTC, but from the gray market – the original iPhone was available for 20K, so there is no reason why they should price the new one (which is twice as fast, half the price) for more than 20K, even though all the calculations favor 20K+ price.

Interesting problem to solve? Right?

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