OnYoMo and iXiGo launch SMS-based lowest airline price search service


OnYoMo and iXiGo launch SMS-based lowest airline price search service

OnYoMo and iXiGo have partnered to provide the lowest airline price search service, a service which enables you to search for the lowest airticket price for a given journey.

Here is how it works:

  • To receive the entire SMS format, sms “fly” to 8558.
  • In order to use the service, use “fly FROM TO DATE“, (date is in dd.mm.yy format) and send to 8558 – so for e.g. a typical format should be “fly BLR DEL 06.07.07”.
  • You will get the response containing the airline details (the one that offers the lowest price in that sector for the mentioned date), their customer care number and accepted mode of payment.

What I really like about this service is that it breaks the so called walled-garden approach prevalent in the travel industry.

Moreover, the service combines the strength of these twp startups – iXiGo’s excellent search algorithm and OnYoMo’s mobile reach.
Instead of a startup spending months to build (or partner with) payment gateways (and subsequently burn holes in their pockets), OnYoMo+iXiGo combination is providing the most relevant solution to the end users in the most simplistic (read no-nonsense) format, i.e. search for the cheapest airticket, get the result, call the airline and complete the booking!

The service will be officially announced on Monday, i.e. July 2nd, but you get the breaking news here! 🙂
Give this service a spin and do share your feedback. What are the other integrations you would like to see?

What’s next from us? Interview with Shailesh Mehta, founder of OnYoMo.

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