Help desk and customer support software, HappyFox has launched an new open-source mobile helpdesk software development kit – HelpStack (Github).

HelpStack is targeted towards iOS developers who cannot afford their own helpdesk applications, but still want to provide in-app support.

HelpStack can work for you even if you do not have any help desk account. The product also connects with the popular helpdesk solutions, including HappyFox, Zendesk and With HelpStack, users can report relevant issues from inside the application, attach a screenshot of the problem and communicate directly with the developers to provide valuable mobile app feedback.

Additionally, the customizable HelpStack can embed help articles for users to search through and also allows for quick diagnoses of any application crash.

“Mobile app ecosystem is becoming more complex, as end users expect instant-in app customer support while app developers – who offer products for free – cannot afford to own help desk applications that could enable such user engagement,” Shalin Jain, CEO of Happy Fox .

“Our goal is to help apps penetrate and stay on devices longer. We want to make support accessible and keep the cost of implementation low. We envision one-third of app developers using this on the next update of their app.”

Helpstack : Open Source App Customer Support Product
Helpstack : Open Source App Customer Support Product

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