Open Source CloudEngine Wants to Be the LAMP for Mobile Developers [UnPluggd PitchStop]

Mobile backend as a service is the newest, hottest buzzword in the tech market. Developers who don’t want to go through the pain of working with the backend from the ground up, usually opt for one of the MBaaS providers.

Most of the current services get you hooked using a free plan and quickly, you reach a point where you need to start buying the service. Then you are also stuck with these services, unable to move out. So what’s the best way to solve this problem? Go Open Source.

“The solution is going open source. We want to make this as de-facto for the entire mobile industry,” says Swapnil Talekar, the co-founder of CloudEngine, an open source Mobile-Backend-As-A-Service (MBaaS), which helps app developers deploy apps faster using pluggable mobile backend services.

Some of the core service offered out of the box include saving data on cloud, saving files on the cloud and sending push notifications to target devices.

Swapnil at UnPluggd
Swapnil at UnPluggd

The service’s Android SDK provides readily pluggable Android API for your apps. The Android SDK is a wrapper for communicating with different CloudEngine services.

The service also provides a REST API for all built-in services using which any client which can speak HTTP can consume the platform services, the REST API uses token authentication mechanism.

CloudEngine wants to become for mobile apps, what LAMP became for webapps.

The startup demoed its product at UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference. Watch Swapnil Talekar at UnPluggd.

Here’s what Swapnil Talekar of Cloud Engine had to share about the launch at UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference.

It was a privilege to demo our product at the same stage where some of India’s startup success stories started their journey. Undoubtedly, we have benefited immensely from the platform since we were able to reach a size of audience that would have taken us months of efforts and marketing to reach. We had 30% increased web traffic post event. Increased number of customer signups and also investor interest.

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