Opera 10 Released – Packed with Turbo

I have been using Opera for the last 3 months (vented some of my frustration of FF/Chrome in this article: Firefox is the new IE, Chrome is the new Firefox and Opera is still Opera ) and must say that the experience, so far has been a lot better than what I expected of Opera.

And today, Opera has launched the next version of it’s browse, Opera 10 – here are some of the features that makes Opera10 worth a try:

  • Opera Turbo : uses compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections.
  • Sleek and beautiful interface, Web Integrations, Mouse Gestures etc just add to the usefulness of the browser.
  • 40% faster engine and Web standards support – Opera Presto 2.2 engine in Opera 10 is designed to be much faster on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook (with an Acid3 100/100 score, Web Fonts support, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements).

Remember, these are the same guys who first launched ‘tabbed browsing’ and ‘speed dial’ which has been copied by their peers – so even though Opera doesn’t have a significant market share in desktop browsing, these features will make Opera a preferred way to browse heavy pages (and of course, Opera can do wonders with Opera Unite service).

Having said that, Opera still has a long way to go when it comes to closing the loop in feature set.

For instance:

  • Ctrl + Tab doesn’t open the link in a new tab
  • Address book is not a search bar (so web1.0)
  • The Firebug alternative, DragonFly is anything but useful.

What’s your take on Opera? Too many features – too many open ended loops?
What’s your fav browser? FF? Chrome, Opera or IE?

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