Opera 11 Released–Tab Stacking and Extensions Galore!

Opera has launched the latest version of its browser, Opera 11 that boasts of a few interesting features

  • Opera Menu

    Access browser features and settings from the Opera Menu that has been designed to give you more space for browsing webpages. The traditional menu bar can be toggled on by selecting “Show Menu Bar” in the Opera Menu.opera_11

  • Visual tabs

    Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open webpages.

  • Closed Tabs

    When a webpage is closed, it appears here in a list of recently closed tabs, so you can easily return to where you left off.

  • Speed Dial

    Get easy access to your favorite sites every time you open a new tab. Choose the layout and the background you prefer.

  • Password Manager

    Opera can log in to websites automatically. The first time you log in, you can have Password Manager save the password. Next time, just click the key or press Ctrl+Enter and you’ll be logged in.

  • Opera Link

    Synchronize your Speed Dials, bookmarks, notes and other useful data between all your computers and devices.

  • Opera Unite

    This is a technology platform allowing you to share content directly with friends, without having to upload anything to a website. With Opera Unite applications, you can stream music, share photo galleries, files and folders, or even host your own webpages directly from your browser.

  • Visual mouse gestures

    Perform many common browser actions with a quick flick of your mouse. Holding down the right mouse button on a webpage now shows a visual guide that indicates how to perform the available gestures. See video.

  • Opera Turbo

    Boost your browsing speed on crowded Wi-Fi hotspots, tethered mobile phones or slow dial-up connections.

  • Zoom

    Magnify content to read websites with small text easily or zoom out to see the whole webpage. Opera’s zoom resizes all elements of the page, not just text. You can also toggle images off from here to improve readability and speed up page loads.

  • Mail panel

    When using Opera’s built-in mail client, you now can now drag accounts and mail items where you want them. The mail panel can also hide when you are not viewing a mail tab.

  • Safer address field

    The address field has been improved and now hides the complexity of long web addresses. It also provides more security information to help you stay safe when browsing; just click the badge for the website to see security information about the site you are visiting.

  • Search suggestions

    Search suggestions predict queries as you type, making searching quicker and easier. Google search predictions are now built into Opera. When using the search field or searching from the address field with the ‘g’ search keyword, Google search predictions will appear.

  • Tab stacking

    Dragging one tab over another allows you to create groups of tabs. Now you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized and under control.

  • Extensions

    It is simple to extend Opera’s functionality by visiting our extensions catalog. Some extensions create a button you can click or have menus, while others just work in the background. See video.

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